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Himani Navratna Oil
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Emami Himani Navratna Oil

Himani Navratna Oil

Stress Buster Therapeutic Cooling Oil

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Emami Himani Navratna Oil

Emami Himani Navratna Oil - Relief from Daily Mental and Physical Stress

Providing multi-purpose benefits to its set of satisfied and ever growing consumer base.

It not only solves specific hair and body related ailments, but delivers superlatively on all desired benefits, like beauty & nourishment, traditionally sought from hair oils. Its unique combination of 9 Natural Ayurvedic Herbs renders optimum cooling and relief from daily mental & physical stress and its related syndromes like Tension, Headache, Fatigue, Insomnia, Body-ache etc. It relaxes & rejuvenates the mind & body, thereby enabling one to get on with life.

Navratna brand enjoys very strong association with "COOL" the real strength lies in its sharply defined positioning of being a Stress Buster, as articulated by its eternal promise. The Ingredients present in the product are all extracts from natural herbs. It does not have any chemical or biochemical substance that is harmful to human body

Benefits of Emami Himani Navratna Oil

Keeps the head cool
Relieves headache
Helpful in sound sleep
An effective memory aid
Tones up body muscles
Removes tiredness
Useful in minor burns and cuts
A cool invigorating body massage oil
Navratna gives relief from - Sleeplessness, Headache, Body ache, Tension, Hair related problems. It also has medicinal benefits.

Ingredrients of Himani Navratna Cool Oil:

Japa Pushpa
Promotes hair growth hence removes baldness

Promotes hair growth and removes dandruff
Control hair falls & cures alopecia
Relieves headache and cools head
Kshir Kakoli
Cools the head
Pudina Ka Phool
Cures headache
Promotes hair growth cures headache, cools head
Prevents premature hair fall and useful in skin diseases
Lata Kasturi
Keeps head cool
A very successful therapeutic oil meticulously prepared from a combination of nine ayurvedic herbs for a pure sensorial cooling - leading to stress relief, relaxation & a sense of rejuvenation.

Each 100ml of Emami Himani Navratna Cool Oil contains extracts of:

Lata Kasturi, Kakoli, Brahmi 0.1g each, Sailaja, Kapoor Kachari, Gandhamatra, Gatella 0.2g each, Kunch, Muramansi 0.25g each, Gulab Phool, Benamul, Mustha, Kesut 0.05g each, Amla 1.0g, Karpur 0.5g, Pudina Ka Phool 1.84g, Pudina Ka Tel 0.46g, Surasar 0.5ml.