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for Pimple Free, Fair Skin
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Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier

Blood and Skin Purifier

Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier

for Pimple Free, Fair Skin

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For the first time here's a wonder Blood Purifier with real Kesar & Vitamin E blended with herbs which not only purifies and cleanses your blood, but also makes you naturally fair.

It dramatically purifies your blood resulting into

Cure of acne, pimple, boils and skin eruption.
Cure of itches, rashes and skin diseases
Fairer, pink, glowing and youthful complexion

Himani Lalima Blood & Skin Purifier has :

Kesar, Vitamin E and haridra - nourishes skin, gives fair complexion and glowing skin.
Honey - Rejuvenates the skin
Triphala - Improves blood circulation & provides nourishment to skin.
Anantamool, Katuki, Manjistha - Purifies the blood naturally
Manjistha, Guduchi - clears acne, pimples.
Neem, Bhringraj - Cures boils,acne, pimples blemishes and rashes.

Toxicity in blood might cause dermatological problems like

Skin erruptions
Black spots and blemishes
Early ageing of skin
Itching and burning sensation

10ml (2 teaspooful) twice a day. Shake well before use

Uniqueness of Emami Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier :

Lalima is a 100% Ayurvedic Blood & Skin purifier tonic which works from within cleansing/purifying the toxins from the blood which are the root cause of acne and dull skin. Regular intake of Lalima addresses the root cause i.e., Blood impurities and thereby imparts blemish free long lasting pinkish fairness.

Unique ingredients of Himani Lalima Blood and Skin Purifier

Each 5 ml contains:

Triphala - 150.0 mg Anantamool - 150.0 mg Haridra - 150.0 mg Manjistha - 150.0 mg Guduchi - 75.0 mg Nimba - 75.0 mg Bhringaraj - 75.0 mg Honey - 0.1 ml Keshar - 1.0 mg. In addition, Katuki 60.0 mg, Chirayta 60.0mg, Godhumankar Tel (Wheat Germ Oil) 5.0mg. Flavoured sugar syrup base & preservatives (methyl paraben, prophyl paraben, sodium benzoate) q.s.