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Fairness Cream for Men
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Emami Fair and Hansome Fairness Cream for Men

Fair and Handsome

Emami Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream for Men

Emami Fairness Cream for Men

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Emami in collaboration with Activor Corp, USA has created a unique fairness cream for men with a breakthrough Peptide complex patented in the USA. This wonder molecule peptide works on the collagen structure of male skin and dramatically improves skin texture and fairness in just 4 weeks. Its pleasant cooling gives an after-shave effect.

How does it work?

Active ingredients regulate production of melanin. Natural sunscreen protects against UV rays.
Peptide in combination with Vetiver and Rose Water makes skin fair and fresh with a pleasant cooling sensation.

What it does:

Improves fairness in 4 weeks.
Protects against sun's UV rays.
Moisturises skin even after shaving.
Relieves stress and fatigue signs.

The efficiency of this cream has been dermatologically tested on Indian male skin
73% were found to be fairer
78% found it to be an effective after shave-moisturiser
75% found effective oil-control.
Key ingredients of Emami Fair and Handsome for Men

Peptide, Liquorice, Vetiver & Aloe vera.