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Fair and Ageless
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Emami Fair and Ageless Fairness Cream

Emami Fair and Ageless Fairness Cream

Fairness Cream for 30+ Women

Emami Fair and Ageless

Penta-Peptid with Herbs for 30+ women

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Penta-Peptid with Herbs for 30+ women

Why 30+ women need a special fairness cream

    After 30, the colagen structure of skin changes, losing elastin and forming wrinkles.
    After 30, skin loses ability to retain moisture becomes darker, rougher.

    xposure to sun's UV rays produces melanin, darkening skin.

Works on the Collagen structure of 30+skin, making skin fairer and firmer.

Regulates production of melanin. Creates natural sunscreen to protect skin against UV rays.

For the first time ever- afairness cream specially formulated for 30+women

Emami Fair and Ageless - developed by Emami, in collaboration with Activor Corp. USA has a breakthrough Penta-Peptide complex patented in the USA and specially chosen herbal extracts.

Penta - Peptide

Works better on 30+ women's skin, making it fresher and fairer in just 4 weeks!

Herbal Extracts

Remove wrinkles and other signs of ageing, moisturize skin, makes skin softer and visibly younger.

Natural Sunguards

Protects against sun's UV rays.

Extensively tested on 30+ women's skin

    71% reported it made them significantly fairer
    75% found effective oil-control
    73% reported reduction in blemishes and brown spots
    70% reported reduction in wrinkles
The Emami Fair and Ageless advantage

    Dramatically improved fairness in just 4 weeks.
    Protects skin from sun's harmful UV rays.
    Removes wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Key ingredients

Penta-Peptide, Liquorice, Aloe Vera, Grapeseed. Suitable for all skin types.