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Fiber-X SAT-Isabgol

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Fibre-X SAT-Isabgol
Dr Morepen FiberX Sat Isabgol

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Dr.Morepen Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol
100% Pure Husk
Natural Fibre of Psyllium Husk

Helps Lower Cholesterol
Good for Heart

Sat-Isabgol, an agricultural product, is derived from Isabgol Seeds. It is gentle & safe, highly purified and non-habit forming fibre.

Soluble fibers like Sat Isabgol husk may have a cholesterol-lowering effect when added to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

Usage of SAT-Isabgol :

5-10 gm of Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol can be taken freely according to need with glass of water, syrup, milk, fruit juice, curd or lassi

Directions of SAT - Isabgol :

Add Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol in a glass of water. Stir briskly and drink immediately. An additional glass of water is helpful.

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Isabgol Fibre-X Sat Isabgol 100% Psyllium Husk