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Rangoli Tablet
Vitalizing Tablet For Women
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Dindayal Rangoli Tablet for Women

Dindayal Rangoli Tablet

For Women

Dindayal Aushadhi Rangoli Tablet

General weakness, loss of energy & vigour.

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Dindayal Rangoli Tablet

Energizing Herbal Tablet Specially For Women
* Stamina * Power * Strength

Rangoli works by increasing blood flow to the female sexual orgasm, specifically the labia and clitoris, to heighten sexual arousal and stimulate natural lubrication. Its ingredient, increase blood flow and promotes blood profusion into the vaginal tissues, thus triggering physical arousal in women. Rangoli promotes blood flow into the micro capillary networks that directly supply blood to the vaginal tissues, which promotes tissue health and can help alleviate symptoms such as vaginal dryness, and difficulty becoming aroused. Rangoli reduces inhibitions, improves mood, maximizes sensitivity, intensifies orgasm and boosts charisma & sexual energy.

Rangoli is an amazing new line of sexual enhancement product scientifically designed for respected women all around the world. Rangoli consists of essential herbs that fulfils women's sexual requirements. The product, if used regularly, increases blood flow to the clitoris and will cause increase in sexual response and enhances sensitivity. The capsules have a proprietary blend of potential and traditional herbs to help increase sexual desire & intensity. Rangoli is a complete product that creates an incredible sexual synergy that helps women every where to achieve orgasmic bliss.

Indications for use of Dindayal Rangoli Tablet

  • General weakness, loss of energy & vigour.
  • Dosage of Dindayal Rangoli Tablet

    1 to 2 Capsules at night preferably with milk or as directed by physician.