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Diabetic Friendly Herbal Cane Sugar & Mixed Fruit Jam
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DiaBliss Mixed Fruit Jam
Diabetic Friendly
DiaBliss Mixed Fruit Jam

DiaBliss - Mixed Fruit Jam - Natural Sweetness - DiaBills Mixed Fruit Jam is a delicious combination of fine fruits of every seasonwith tropical mangoes, papayas and pineapples, delectable apples and grapes, and citric oranges. Our Mixed Fruit Jam is made with DiaBills Herbal Care Sugar, the first diabetic friendly cane sugar in the world that can be used by diabetics, pre-diabetics and everyone at home.

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DiaBliss Herbal Cane Sugar
Diabetic Friendly
Diabliss Herbal Cane Sugar

DiaBliss - Herbal Cane Sugar - 1st time in the world - Rich in Antioxidants, Natural Sweetness, Natural Ingredients - diabetic friendly and making living happier and healthier by providing limitless food choices for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Diabetics can now use Diabliss Herbal Sugar to prepare and enjoy all foods of their choice.

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