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Diab Life
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Diab Life Tablets

Diab Life Tablets

Diabetic Mellitus

Diab Life Tablets

A Blessing For Diabetics.

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Diab Life Tablets

Impaired Glucose Tolerance Cases

Diab Life is a combination of medicinal herbs like Ekanayakam, Karingalikathal, Nellikka, Maramanjatholi, Tettambaral, Cheroola, Njavalkuru, Vengakathal, Njerinjil, Kiriyath and Padakizhangu. Diab Life is 100% herbal formulation which is completely safe and regulates the blood sugar level. Diab Life also enhances the functioning of vital organs like kidney, liver, pancreas and brain and restores the immunity power.

Benefits of Diab Life Tablet :

  • DIAB LIFE Stimulates Liver that ensures Terminal Digestion and Metabolism of Sugar
  • DIAB LIFE Stimulates pancreas in order to increase availability of insulin
  • DIAB LIFE promotes Peripheral Consumptions of Glucose
  • DIAB LIFE provides additional advantage of highly Anti –Oxidant Natural agents that protect cell from oxidative stress.
  • DIAB LIFE provides β-cell repair and regeneration.
  • DIAB LIFE is highly effective in prevention and postponement of secondary complications.
  • DIAB LIFE improves response to OHA therapy and thereby reducing the dosages.

  • Indication for use of Diab Life Tablet:

  • As adjuvant in management of Diabetes Mellitus and cases responding poorly to OHA, Impaired Glucose Tolerance cases

  • Dosage of Diab Life Tablet :

    Two tablets twice daily (after food ) for 28 days and observe the blood sugar level periodically to understand dip in blood sugar level. Regular usage of Diab Life along with proper exercise, appropriate dietary regulation and proper life style will help adequately managing diabetes and ensure the patient enjoys an energetic day to day life

    Each 500mg Diab Life tablets contains :

  • Ponkurand (Salacia reticulata) : 50mg
  • Patakizhangu (Cyclea peltata) : 50mg
  • Karingali (Acacia catechu) : 50mg
  • Nellikka (Emblica officinalis) : 50mg
  • Manjal (Curcuma longa) :  50mg
  • Njaval (Syzygium cumini) : 50mg
  • Thettamparal (Strictnus potatorum) : 50mg
  • Cheroola (Aerva lanata) : 50mg
  • Venga (Pterocarpus marsupium) : 40mg
  • Njerinjil (Tribulus terrestris) : 30mg
  • Maramanjal (Cocosinium fenestratum) : 30mg