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Dhathri Maavila Dantcare Tooth Paste

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Dhathri Maavila Dantcare Tooth Paste

Healthy teeth is very much a part of healthy life. Historic texts and manuscripts tell that in former times man used to give much care and attention to the health of his teeth. Only natural products were used to maintain dental health. Leaves of mango trees and twigs of banyan trees were used in place of paste and brush by our ancestors. The early exponents of Ayurveda discovered that the brushing of teeth with ripe leaves of the mango tree would result in getting strong and shiny teeth, tight gums and fresh breath.

Now, the goodness of nature is born once more, through Dhathri… containing no chemicals… it is Dhathri Maavila Dantcare Tooth Paste. Warrier’s Hospital and Panchakarma Centre, with proud tradition of three centuries in the sphere of Ayurvedic care, has developed the Maavila Dantcare tooth paste through years of continuous research. The toothpaste mainly contains cardamom, dry ginger, cinnamon, neem and mango leaves.

Benefits of Dhathri Maavila Toothpaste

  • Treats infections in teeth and gums and also cleans the yelowish teeth
  • Works like a breath freshener by removing foul smell and pyorrhea
  • Helps neutralize the acid in your mouth
  • Having strong antiseptic, anti-bacterial & anti-viral action
  • Contains antiseptic ingredients necessary for dental hygiene
  • Prevents tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Heals molar ache and eliminates pyorrhea
  • Possesses antibiotic activity and is useful for toothaches
  • Successfully treats all infections - tooth decay, bleeding and sores with its daily use
  • Reverses gum degeneration through continuous usage
  • Properties of Ingredients used in making Dhathri Maavila Toothpaste

    Cinnamon :
    Ensures a peppy taste. Kills bacteria invading teeth and gums. Also a best pain killer.

    Dry Ginger :
    Controls acidity of mouth. Acts as a good antiseptic also.

    Cardmom :
    Heals infections of gums and teeth. Bestows fresh breath. Imparts good immunity to diseases.

    Neem :
    Contains ingredients essential for hygiene of teeth. Its extract prevents tooth decay. Daily use of neem prevents bleeding of gums. And within a few month teeth will retain its earlier shine and health.

    Cloves :
    Prevents tooth pain and inflammation.

    Mango Leaf :
    Mangoferrin, an ingredient in mango leaf has medicinal properties for developing immunity against diseases. It’s also antiseptic and antiviral. Endows cleanliness to teeth and health to the gums. Prevents tooth decay also. Little wonder, mango leaf has been advised by doctors from historic times.

    Usage Pattern of Dhathri Maavila Toothpaste

    Brush twice daily for strong and white teeth.