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Dhathri Vita Capsules
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Dhathri Vita Capsules

Dhathri Vita Capsules

Used in leucorrhea & profuse menstruation.

Dhathri Herbal

Dhathri Vita Capsules

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Benefits of Dhathri Vita Capsules:

Dhathri Vita Capsules - is an aphrodisiac and is used in seminal weakness and spermatorrhea

  • It prevents fatigue in men and prolongs youthfulness and energy
  • Increases the sperm count and also helps increase their motility.
  • The ingredient of Vita activates the enzymes that aid erection.
  • Used as an aphrodisiac and is used in seminal weakness and spermatorrhea.
  • Used in leucorrhea & profuse menstruation.
  • It pacifies vesical calculi, sexual weakness & impotency.
  • Used for general physical strengthening, anti-ageing, urinary tract rejuevanation, and for reducing tiredness
  • Act as a rejuvenator and diuretic
  • Increases health & longevity and act as a general nerve tonic
  • Extra energy with Safed Musli
  • 100% herbal formula
  • GMP certified
  • No side effects

  • Ingredients of Dhathri Vita Capsules:

    Safed Musli Naikkuranna parippu, Amukkuram, Vayalchulli, Njerijal, Kanmadam.

    Directions for use of Dhathri Vita Capsules:

    One capsule in the morning and two capsules at night.