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Dhathri Fairness Face Pack
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Dhathri Fairness Face Pack

Dhathri Fairness Face Pack

Reduces scarring and stretch marks

Dhathri Herbal

Dhathri Fairness Face Pack

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Dhathri Fairness Face Pack

In beauty enhancing formulations, Ayurveda gives utmost importance to smearing the pre-mixed preparation on the face for maximum efficacy, the preparation should be washed away before it dries up, as per Ayurveda's dictates. Dhathri fairness face pack formulated by 'Varnakaralepavidhi' penetrates deep into the skin removing pimples, black-spots, dark patches, blackness around the eyes thereby giving glow to the skin.

Suitable for all types of skin.
It ideally enhances fairness and complexion of skin.
It is ideal for all types of weather conditions and all age groups.
Lubricates and protects the skin when age, chemicals, pollutants and the harshness of the sun, wind, cold and environment strip away sebum.
Replenishes what the skin loses, and gives it a healthy glow by restoring to it its natural pH balance.
A natural sunscreen.
Softens skin and reduces lines and wrinkles
Reduces scarring and stretch marks
Good skin conditioner.
Moisturizes dry skin, hands, lips, cuticles and nails.

Ingredients of Dhathri Fairness Face Pack :

Manjal,Thamarayalli, Pichakam, Rekthachandanam, Kattarvazha, Thulasi, Naruneendi.

Directions for use of Dhathri Fairness Face Pack :

Apply about 5g of Dhathri Fair Skin Cream on the face. Massage gently all over the face with eyes closed. Leave the cream on the face. Use regularly twice a day for best results.