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Dhathri Fairness Oil
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Dhathri Fairness Oil

Dhathri Fairness Oil

Anti-ageing herbal oil

Dhathri Herbal

Dhathri Fairness Oil

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Each 1.5 gm powder contains

Dhathri Fairness Oil is a unique herbal formulation developed with an intention to enhance the fairness and appearance of skin through the action of rare herbal actives. The active ingredients in the oil help to clean the skin pores and fade pigmentation, black spots and blemishes. Dhathri Fairness Oil enhances the blood circulation, and makes your skin looking vibrant, smoother and younger for a long time.

Features of Dhathri Fairness Oil

Anti-ageing herbal oil.
Imroves skin color.
Enhances softness and smoothness of skin
Removes pimples, pegmentation, black spot.
Fights against skin allergy, dry skin, black scars, spots on soft skin & dark circle under eye.

Directions for use of Dhathri Fairness Oil:

Apply Dhathri Fairness Oil all over the skin before daily bath and massage gently in a circular motion. Leave it on as per the skin type. Use it regularly for better result or use ot as directed by physician.
For normal to dry skin : Leave the oil on skin for 10-15 minutes and was off.
For oily skin : Leave the oil on the skin for 5 minutes and wash off

Composition of Dhathri Fairness Oil :
Each 100ml is prepared out of :

Athimottu (Ficus glomerata) - 15g
Ithimottu (Ficus retusa) - 15g
Arayalmottu (Ficus religiosa) - 15g
Peralmottu (Ficus bengalensis) - 15g
Karinkoovalakizhangu (Monochoria vaginalis) - 15g
Naruneendi (Hemidesmus indicus) - 15g
Manjatti (Rubia cordifolia) - 4g
Kumkumapoovu (Crocus sativus) - 100mg
Manjal (Curcuma longa) - 4g
Ramacham (Vetiveria zizanioides) - 4g
Irattimadhuram (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 4g
Thamarayalli (Nelumbium speciosum) - 4g
Velichenna (Cocos nucifera) - 100ml