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Hajmola Candy
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Dabur Hajmola Candy

Dabur Hajmola Candy

Digestive Intestinal

Dabur Hajmola Candy

For Digestive Candy

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Dabur Hajmola Candy

A unique and powerful herbal formaul in convenient to use form. This candy with a sweet tangy taste improves digetion. A unique appetizer with a tangy flavour. Hajmola is very useful in cases of indigestion, anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), flatulence and constipation. It stimulates the gastro - intestinal tract and tastes great.

Hajmola Candy is a blend of various time tested and scientifically proven traditional herbs and spices in a very appealing sugar base. While the salts and flavoring in the candy provide taste, the herbal ingredients help in maintaining appetite and normal digestive functions. It comes in two exciting flavors - Mango and Tamarind.

Herbal Blend Consisting of Dabur Hajmola Candy

Main ingredients
  • Kalimirch (Black Pepper) - gastro-intestinal stimulant
  • Krishnalavana (Black Salt) - carminative and digestive
  • Jeeraka (Cummin seeds) - antispasmodic
  • Sunthi satva (Ginger) - digestive and tonic
  • Sugar Base.
  • Available in:

  • Mango
  • Tamarind
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Usage of Dabur Hajmola Candy

  • Have this zingy tangy candy at any time of the day.