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Tugain Gel 5
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Tugain Gel 5

Tugain Gel 5

Prevent further hair loss and promote the growth of new hair.

Tugain Gel

Tugain Gel 5

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Tugain Gel 5:

ugain 5 is a topical treatment for androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Tugain 5 is used in men to stabilise hair loss and induce re-growth of hair in areas where the hair is thinning, but should not be used for frontal baldness or receding hairline. Tugain 5 is most effective where hair loss has just started or is recent and there are smaller areas of hair loss of the vertex. Tugain 5 cannot cure baldness but can prevent the progression of hair loss in the frontal areas of the scalp as well as the vertex area. Tugain 5 is not suitable for use by women with female pattern baldness.

Tugain 5 contains minoxidil, which is a vasodilator (dilates or widens blood vessels) and is thought to directly stimulate hair follicles to grow by increasing blood flow in the scalp and enhancing cell proliferation in hair follicles that were in resting phase. Another possible mechanism is that minoxidil in Tugain 5 prolongs the active growth phase of hair (anagen) and increases the size of the hair follicle, which prevents hair growth entering the resting phase (telogen) too early. Hair loss is due to shrinking hair follicles that gradually produce smaller and thinner hairs, which eventually do not emerge from the follicle. The longer hair follicles are inactive the harder it is for them to respond and begin new growth.

Directions for use of Tugain Gel 5:

1. Firmly press down the pump once to release the gel onto your palm.
2. Use your finger tip to take gel.
3.Apply the gel over the scalp, where hair is thin. Spread it evenly.

After applying tugain gel, wash your hands.
For tugain gel to work best, you should allow it to stay on the scalp for at least 4 hours before washing it off.
Minoxidil Topical Gel 5%w/w
Minoxidil IP - 5.0% w/w
Also contains absolute
Alcohol - 30.0% v/w


As directed by the physician.