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Urtiplex Capsules
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Charak Pharma Urtiplex Capsules

Charak Pharma Urtiplex Capsules

Antiallergic and antipruritic

Charak Pharma Urtiplex Capsules

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Charak Pharma Urtiplex Capsules

Natural Antiallergic and antipruritic

Benefits of using Charak Urtiplex Capsules

  • Exhibits Anti-allergic action
  • Relieves Itching
  • Exhibits Antiseptic Properties.
  • Indications for use of Charak Urtiplex Capsules

  • Allergic and Chronic Disorders of Skin Characterised by Pruritis of known or unknown origin.
  • Prickly Heat in Summer
  • Pruritis associated with Dormatitis, Allerfie
  • Skin manifestation, Urticaria, Prickly Heat.
  • Urticaria
  • Dosage of Charak Urtiplex Capsules

  • Adult: One to two Capsules two times a day
  • General: Medication should be continued for seven days after symptoms have subsided.

  • Prefer good nutritious bland diet at regular intervals
  • Drink plenty of clean and boiled water
  • Bitter things like bitter gourd, bitter variety of drumstick and neem flowers are very useful
  • Keep your mind cheerful and free from stress.
  • Don'ts
  • Avoid spicy, oily and fried food recipes
  • Avoid fish and non-veg items
  • Avoid suppressing the natural urges
  • Avoid consumption of incompatible food items such as milk and sour fruits together, milk and banana, etc
  • Avoid sour things
  • Avoid salt and curd intake
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sun, polluted air and heat
  • Avoid daytime sleeping and / or sleepless nights
  • Avoid excessive mental stress.

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