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Posex Forte Capsules
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Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules

Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules

A natural Haemostyptic

Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules

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Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules

Natural haemostyptic that arrests bleeding effectively and safely

Indications for use of Charak Posex Forte Capsules

  • Male Functional Infertility-Oligo, Asthno and Teratospermia.
  • To decrease the severity and duration of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia.
  • Management of postpartum bleeding
  • To check bleeding associated with IUCD insertion or MTP procedures.
  • Management of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and premenopuasal bleeding.
  • To prevent or check aggravation of bleeding from haemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  • In General Medicine/Surgery Preoperative prophylaxis in minor surgery
  • Epistaxis
  • Haemoptysis
  • Haematuria
  • Haematemesis
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Dosage of Charak Pharma Posex Forte Capsules:

  • Two capsules three times a day or two capsules every two hours.
  • Pre-operatively
  • 2 Capsules three times a day commencing two days prior to operation/procedures, and continuing for further 3 days after the operation/procedures, till bleeding stops.

  • Get medical attention immediately in case of any kind of bleeding
  • Apply a gentle pressure, to immediately stop the oozing of blood.
  • Don'ts
  • Do not get agitated or panic stricken. Most cases of bleeding can be well controlled by a doctor.
  • Avoid using unsterile material while stopping the bleeding
  • Do not introduce any sticks, or any other objects to arrest bleeding.

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