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Gum Tone Powder
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Charak Pharma Gum Tone Powder

Charak Pharma Gum Tone Powder

Charak Pharma Gum Tone Powder

The herbal astringent and antiseptic to control gingivitis

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Charak Pharma Gum Tone Powder

The herbal orogingival astringent and antiseptic

Benefits of using Charak Gum Tone Powder

  • Removes the stains on the teeth.
  • It stops bleeding of gums and controls inflammation of gums.
  • It prevents formation of dental plaque on regular use
  • It provides fresh breath and prevents Halitosis
  • Free from tobacco and sugar.
  • Indications for use of Charak Gum Tone Powder

  • Bleeding, Spongy and Painful Gums (Gingivitis)
  • Prevention of plaque formation and dental caries
  • Halitosis (Bad breath)
  • Post scalinq to reduce dental pockets.
  • Dosage of Charak Gum Tone Powder

  • Adult :Half a teaspoonful of gum tone powder to be rubbed on the gums and teeth with the help of a soft brush or the finger and to be left for about 5 minutes. Regular use in the morning and evening should be advised.

  • Brush the teeth both in the morning and at bedtime
  • Brush the teeth after each meal or consumption of sweets.
  • Maintain clean oral hygiene.
  • Don'ts
  • Reduce the consumption of chocolates and sweets.
  • Consult doctor if there is bleeding of the gums after brushing of the teeth.
  • Avoid smoking and chewing of tobacco.

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