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Danil Oil
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Charak Pharma Danil Oil

Charak Pharma Danil Oil

The natural antidandruff hair oil

Charak Pharma Danil Oil

Clears dandruff and scales from the scalp, controls fungi and bacteria, nourishes the hair.

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Charak Pharma Danil Oil

The natural cytostatic and antifungal hair oil.

Get soft, shiny, healthy hair with Moha non- sticky Anti Dandruff Hair Oil – Danil oil. A delightful infusion of Neem, Hibiscus and Rusmari Oils, it effectively fights dandruff while nourishing hair naturally strengthening the roots and preventing split ends.

Benefits of using Charak Danil Oil

  • Controls flaky dandruff.
  • Controls fungal infection of scalp.
  • Relieves scalp itching and dryness.
  • Promotes hair growth and strengthens hair roots
  • Prevents spilt ends
  • Add shine and lustre to hair
  • Indications for use of Charak Danil Oil

  • Dandruff
  • Flaky scalp
  • Hair fall
  • Spilt ends
  • Itching scalp
  • Direction for use of Charak Danil Oil

  • Apply oil gently over the scalp.
  • Massage in circular motion to absorb oil in the scalp.
  • Apply it regularly and allow it to work for half an hour for effective dandruff control and hair nourishment.
  • Key Ingredients of Charak Danil Oil

  • Tea tree (Melaleuca leucadendron) oil prevents dandruff and scalp dryness.
  • Rusmari (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil nourishes hair roots and promotes hair health.
  • Neem (Melia azadirachta) oil controls scalp itching.
  • Water Lily (Nymphea stellata) oil makes hair soft & manageable with its conditioning effect.
  • Hibiscus (Hibiscus-rosa sinensis) oil powerful time-test hair tonic and promotes hair shine.

  • Take balanced diet on a regular basis that should include vegetables, grams, cereals, fruits, etc.
  • Drink lots of water during the day.
  • Brush the scalp hair with a soft bristle brush.
  • Insevere dandruff condition, hair should be washed daily, with shampoo.
  • Comb hair properly on a daily basis for maintaining proper blood circulation.
  • Prevent scalp from becoming oily and dirty.
  • Get 7-8 hours good sleep and exercise regularly.
  • Learn to relax on a regular basis.

  • Don'ts
  • Avoid excessive intake of junk and oily food as well as tea, coffee, alcohol and other beverages.
  • Avoid ordinary soap to wash hair.
  • Avoid using strong shampoo having artificial scents.
  • Avoid rigorous wash hair.
  • Avoid hair dryer to dry hair, let the hair dry naturally.
  • Avoid dyes on the scalp hair as far as possible.
  • Avoid oily and greasy applications in moderate and severe types of dandruff.

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