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Immune System
The processes by which our body physiologically destroys or neutralizes the allergen and toxic matter, both living and non - living, as well as cells of its own, which have mal functions in certain ways is IMMUNOLOGY.

Our immune system protects against infection caused by various microbes (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.) and also against non-microbial foreign matter.

The significant function of our immunity is " Immune Surveillance ". This immune response is used by our body to fight and destroy cancer-cells and also worn-out body cells.

The major microbes that invade our system are Bacteria and Viruses. Viruses are just nucleic acid with protein covering and are dependent entirely on the living body for their replication. They make use of the biochemical-apparatus of the cells they invade to multiply. Some viruses the " Host-Cells ", some direct the host cells to synthesize the proteins required for their multiplying and sometimes, certain viruses cause transformation of their host cells into cancer-cells

Bacteria, unlike viruses are comparatively less hazardous. They are unicellular organisms with a proper cell-wall. They damage tissues at their sites of invasion or release toxins that are carried by blood, and disrupt the physiological functions in other parts of the body

The body cells that carry out the immune responses, (such as destruction of these microbes, etc ) are diverse collection of cells found both in the blood and in organs/tissues throughout the body

Based on their functions, the immune responses can be classified into "Non Specific Immune " and " Specific Immune Response ". " Non Specific Immune Response "protects against foreign matter without having to" recognize " their identity. The external barriers like skin and the immune response to injury known as" inflammation " and " tissue repair " belong to this category. The "Specific Immune Response" are the lymphoid organs which are the Bone-marrow, the Thymus gland, Lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils and linings of the intestinal, respiratory, genital urinary tracts.

The organs and tissues which are distant from the site of infection send out systemic responses to infection. These symptoms or responses are activated by the Immune system which represents the adaptive responses to the diseases :

  • Trace elements like Zinc and Iron in the plasma concentration are decreased. The reduction of these elements indicate their use by the multiplying microbes.
  • Decrease in appetite is a chief adaptive indicator that the defence mechanism is active. The invading organisms are deprived of the nutrients they require to proliferate and hence are inhibited in multiplying.
  • Fever is the single most common and striking systemic sign which enhances many of the protective responses.

There are many factors that alter the body's resistance to infection

  • Nutritional status is extremely important. Protein-calorie malnutrition is a single greatest contributor to the decreased body resistance to diseases.
  • Even a person's state of mind can influence his or her resistance to infection. Because, the state of mind has a significant influence, on the Nervous and Endocrine systems. And these systems interact with the immune system in important ways, like in production of ANTI BODIES (body's fighter cells) to attack and destroy the ANTIGENS (foreign molecules and altered malfunctioning cells which needs to be destroyed.
  • Resistance to infection will be impaired if one of the basic resistance mechanisms itself is deficient that is failure to synthesize antibodies at all. The most striking example for this is AIDS caused by HIV which incapacitated the immune systems

With all this, it is very clear that the first step to health consciousness is to strengthen the Immune system and as well as maintain it so that the body does not succumb to diseases. Prevention of Ill-Health is after all the best, than to seek out treatment and alternative therapies, when diseases strike.

This is where Abcap Capsule, Spirulinex Capsule & Chyavancap Capsule play the chief role in toning the immune system of a weakened body and maintaining the body resistance in a healthy individual. ThusAbcap, Spirulinex and Chyavancap are a MUST DO for a person of ill-health and for people in HEALTH too

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