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Bipasil Tablet

For Hypertension of all aetiologies

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Bipasil Tablet
For regulating blood pressure
Bipha Bipasil Tablet

Bipasil Tablets - Natural Diuretics-Reduces the Risk of Electrolytic Imbalance

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Bipasil Tablets

Despite advance in the field of medicine, Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure, is one of the most serious threats to the health of people all over the world. Modern drugs now used in Hypertension are no doubt very effective but certainly not free from side effects. Doctors believe that the stress and strain of modern life contributes to the exasperation of this condition. Hence, it is essential to adopt means for mitigating these effects and manage this malady with minimum drugs.

Bipasil is capable to combat stress, strain, anxiety and tension which are a part of our complex life.

Bipasil provides total alkaloids of Sarpagandha along with various correctives, laxatives, diuretics to control and correct the causative factors responsible for hypertension.

  • Comprehensive therapy for hypertension of all aetiologies

  • Scientifically formulated with all alkaloids of Rauwolfia serpentina, enhancing safety and efficacy profiles

  • A unique combination of natural anti-hypertensives with natural A.C.E inhibitors and Calcium Channel Blockers

  • Aswagandha is a proven natural adaptogen. Regulates anxiety and provides vitality

  • Contains natural diuretics which reduces the risk of electrolytic imbalance.

Hypertension due to arterial, renal, neurogenic disorders, nervous irritability, anxiety and mental tension, regulating blood pressure.

Each Bipasil Tablet 160mg of is prepared out of:

  • Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia serpentina) - 60mg
  • Bhoomiamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri) - 20mg
  • Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) - 20mg
  • Aswagandha (Withania Somnifera) - 20mg
  • Bala (Sida cordifolia) - 20mg
  • Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) - 20mg
  • Prasarini (Paederia foetida) Whole plant - 20mg
  • Rasna (Alpinia galanga) Rhizome - 20mg
  • Excipients q.s.

Ingredients of Bipasil Tablet:

  • Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia Serpentina) : Posses well marked sedative properties. In clinical studies showed a fall in blood pressure.

  • Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa): is a diuretic and laxative.

  • Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris): is esteemed as cooling, diuretic and tonic. This was also known to the old Greek Physicians, and was used in South Europe as an aperient and diuretic.

  • Rasna (Alpinia Galanga): provides good relief in breathing difficulties especially those of hypertension and bronchitis.

  • Prasarini (Paederia Foetida): useful in body pains associated with hypertension and rheumatism.

  • Aswagandha (Withania Somniferra): is having medicinal properties such as tonic, alterative and aphrodisiac. Works as a diuretic.

Dosage of Bipasil Tablet:

Two tablets twice daily before food.

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