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Bipha Products : Ayurveda

Bipha currently offers a portfolio of over 400 Ayurvedic Formulations covering a broad spectrum of consumer and professional requirements in herbal products. These include traditional formulations in classical forms and new forms as well as patented formulations. Bipha also has a Nutraceutical and Generic Pharmaceutical division delivering competitive, quality assured products in the International market.

Patent Products

Agasthyavyoshadi Vatakam Lehyam- Sinusitis, all Nasal/Head Diseases
Aikout Tablet - Joint Support
Alcin Tablet - Heart Burn, Nausea, Peptic Ulcer
Asthmacure Tablet - Allergic and Bronchial Asthma
Bipasil Tablet - For regulating blood pressure
Bipasil Plus Capsule - For Arterial-renal-neurogenic disorders
Cir hep 10 Tablet & Syrup - Corrects Liver Dysfunction, Digestion
Deepani Tablet - Stimulates Appetite, Relieves Flatulence
Jeevaniya Tablet - Nervous debility, Rheumatism, Anaemia
Miobip Tablet - Solution for all sorts of migraines
MRY Compound Tablet - Cures Rheumatic Pains, Gout, Sciatica, Spondylosis
MRY Plus Tablet - Joint Pains and Arthritis
Nimbarajanyadi Tablet - Protects from respiratory allergic infection
Parthalesunadi Tablet - Strengthens Cardiac Muscles and Function
Pranada Tablet - Treats anaemia, cirrhosis of liver and spleen
Rajanayamalkadi Tablet - Controls Blood Sugar Level
Selip Tablet & Syrup - For bleeding and non-bleeding piles
Somna Tablet - For Insomnia and stress
Tristrol Tablet - lowers cholesterol, retards aging process in liver cells
Uteratone Syrup - Controls Menstrual Irregularities

Life Herbs

Bowel Ease (Eezout) Tablets - Herbal Bowel Easer

Bipha Products : Herbionics

Herbionics, is a select range of Ayurvedic products with a proven legacy of over seven decades. Culled from a serious of products, tested extensively over decades, each formulation has been specifically identified on the basis of its efficacy and safety on sustained use. These easy to use remedial alternatives are sourced from the finest herbs.

Herbionics - Single Herbs

Aloevera - Regulates Menstrual Cycle
Amla - Improves Haemoglobin Level and Provides Antioxidant Properties
Arjuna - Strengthens Heart Muscles, Enhances elimination of Cholesterol
Ashoka - Supplement for uterine disorders
Ashwagandha - Fight Stress, Nourishes and rejuvenates tissues
Brahmi - Improves memory, mental clarity
Bael - Treats Diarrhea, Dysentery and Worm Infestations.
Garcinia - Helps to lower acidity in stomach
Gokshura- Spermatogenesis, Erectile Dysfunction
Guduchi- Alleviates bodyheat, thirst, burning sensation to skin
Guggulu- Controls Cardiac Disorders, High Cholesterol
Haritaki - Stimulates Liver, Promotes Appetite, helps in Digestion
Neem - Useful for Skin Diseases and Heals Wound
Punarnava - Cures Liver Disorders, Gallbladder Disorders
Shatavari- Regulation of Menstrual cycle
Shilajit- Genito urinary diseases, diabetes, sexual libido weakness
Triphala- Bowel Regulator, Rejuvenator, Immuno Modulator
Tulsi - Natural Immuno Modulator, Antioxidant and Expectorant
Turmeric - Strong Antioxidant content, Fight allergies, Boost immunity.
Vasaka - Bronchodilator, Antispasmodic, Expectorant
Yashtimadhu - Anti inflammatory, Cures Ulcers, Sore throat, Cough

Herbionics - Multi Herbs