Bio Age

Ayurvedic Recipe
Dietary Supplement for Rejuvenation
Bio Age (120 Tablets)
A nutritional support to help retard premature aging symptoms. Helps improve cellular regeneration and repair. Also helps strengthen the immune system.

Bio Age contains a specially formulated blend of herbs which belong to the "Rasayana" group. These herbs help arrest degenerative changes that may occur with age. The specific restorative action of these herbs maintains cellular regeneration which is slowed down by age. It helps delay all symptoms of aging. Also helps strengthen the immune system.

Adults: 2 tablets twice a day. More effective if taken with Gotokula Tea.
Do not take if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Whilst herbal dietary supplements can be a highly effective form of treatment, you must always consult your doctor or qualified medical herbalist with any serious or recurring problems.

Contains Premium Grade Wild Crafted Herbs Only
Handpicked for maximum potency
Natural Ayurvedic processing increases bio availability
Backed by scientific Research
Standardised potency
Effectiveness enhanced by synergy
Suitable for vegetarians.

Each Tablet Contains:
Country mallow ext (Bala panchang) 100 mg.,
Winter cherry (Ashwagandha) 45 mg.,
Mineral pitch (Shilajit) 100 mg.,
Teramnus labialis ext. (Mashparni) 50 mg.,
Indian Asparagus (Shatawar) 50 mg.,
Asparagus (safed musli) 50 mg.,
Small Caltrops (Chhota gokhru) 50 mg.,
Dry Ginger (Sonth) 10 mg.,
Long pepper (pippli) 10 mg.,
Cobra's saffron (Nagkesar) 05 mg.,
Liquorice (Yashtimadhu) 20 mg.,
Coral ash 10 mg.