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Cutfar Oinment
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Cutfar Oinment

Cutfar Oinment

For the treatment of Chilblain

Ban Labs Cutfar Oinment

Enriched With Vipadikar Madham & Jatyadi Oil.

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Ban Labs Cutfar Oinment

Feel the difference in 3 days - Herbal Heel repair system

Quickly absorbing intensive moisturizing formula is very useful in cases of various dry skin abnormalities such as, Rough & Cracked Heels, Foot Odor, Chilblain, Chapped Hands, Hyperkeratosis.

Indications for use of Ban Labs Cutfar Oinment

  • Chilblain
  • Cracked Heels
  • Rough Skin
  • Cuts & Wounds.

  • Jatyadi Oil: It is antiseptic, anti bacterial, promotes tissue repair process. It has soothing and emollient action.

    Vipadikahar Malham: It has keratolytic and skin softening activity. It also promotes tissue repair process an enhance healing.

    Application on Cracked Heels

  • Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes in order to soften the skin. Dry it completely before applying CUTFAR ointment.
  • Gently massage good quantity of CUTFAR into skin a circular motion until it gets fully absorbed into cracked and dry skin of feet after that fill the cracks with ointment.
  • Cover the skin with cotton socks for faster results. It will help your skin seal & maintain the moisture.
  • Repeat this process minimum twice a day (Before Bed at night/After Bath in moring). Regular application of CUTFAR will protect your skin from getting dry and cracked.

  • Directions for use of Banlabs Cufar ointment

  • Wash affected area with luke warm water and gently apply the cutfar oinment 2-3 times a day or as directed by physician.

  • Composition of Banlabs Cufar ointment
    Each Tube of CUTFAR Ointment Contains

  • Jatyadi Oil A.B -1 % v/w
  • Vipadikahar Malam R.S.S.P.S - 25 % w/w
  • Ointment Base - Q.S. To 100 %