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Astha Aid Tablet
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Bakson's Astha Aid  Tablet - For Easy Breather

Bakson's Astha Aid Tablet

Easy Breather

Bakson's Homeopathy - Astha Aid Tablet

Three fold action - Controls Cough. Dilates Bronchi. Aids Expectoration.

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Bakson's - Homeopathy - Astha Aid Tablet

Controls Cough.
Aids Expectoration

Three fold action :
  • Controls Cough
  • Dilates Bronchi
  • Aids Expectoration
  • An ideal soother for throats irritated by suffocating and dry paroxysmal, whooping type of cough. With Astha Aid, the resistance of the body improves with decrease in intensity, frequency and duration of attack.

    Dosage of Bakson's Astha Aid Tablet :

  • Adults : 1 tablet, four times a day.
  • Children : 1 tablet, three times a day.