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Baidyanath Rhuma Oil, Rheumartho Tablets and Rheumartho with Gold
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Baidyanath Rhuma Oil
Relieves Pain & Stifness of Joints.
Baidyanath Rhuma Oil

Baidyanath Rhuma Oil -   Rhuma Oil is very safe and soothing & gives excellent results in frozen shoulder, Arthritis, Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica and other related joint pains. Just a light application gives relief from agonizing joint & muscle pain.

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200ml (2 x 100ml) : $18.45 x nos
400ml (4 x 100ml) : $31.45 x nos
800ml (8 x 100ml) : $53.45 x nos

Baidyanath Rheumartho Tablet
Helps to relieve pain.
Baidyanath Rheumartho Tablet

Baidyanath Rumartho Tablet -  Contains the herbs which are clinically proven to give relief in joint pain and improves the flexibility of joints.

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100 Tablets : $16.95 x nos
200 Tablets : $27.45 x nos
400 Tablets : $49.45 x nos

Baidyanath Rumartho Gold Plus Capsules
Useful in chronic joint pain.
Baidyanath Rheumartho Gold Plus Capsules

Baidyanath Rumartho Gold Plus Capsules -  It is indicated in arthritis. Rheumatism ,Osteoarthritis. Gold in Rheumartho Gold capsule often arrest the progression of the disease involved joints atleast temperorlly prevent involvenment of unaffected joint improve grip strength and decrease the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and abnormal plasma glycoprotein and fibrinogen levels.

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30 Capsules : $22.45 x nos
60 Capsules : $38.95 x nos
120 Capsules : $70.95 x nos