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Tooth Drops
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Bahola Homeopathy Tooth Drops

Bahola Tooth Drops

Bahola Homeopathy Tooth Drops

Treats Toothache, Caries, Swollen, Bleeding & Painful Gums

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Bahola Homeopathy Tooth Drops

Bahola's TOOTH DROPS is a homoeopathic formulations for dental conditions involving toothache, caries, swollen, bleeding & Painful gums.

Bahola’s Tooth Drops contains carefully researched remedies.

The action of its individual components is as follows:

1. Menthol 3X: indicated in neurotic tooth pain.
2. Oleum Caryophyllum Q: for septic,bleeding gums.
3. Terminalia Chebula Q: helps to check bleeding for teeth, gums by causing tissue contraction.
4. Creosote Q: Indicated for those whose teeth decay rapidly, appear dark and crumbly. Gums are spongy, bleeding and receding.
5. Plantago Major: Toothache with great sensitivity to touch, cold food. Pain in teeth with reflex neuralgic to eyelids.

Side Effects :
No side effects of TOOTH DROPS are known.

Instill 4-5 drops in the gauze and apply on the painful part.