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Bahola Homeopathy Tonsilo


Bahola Homeopathy Tonsilo

For Acute and Chronic Tonsilitis

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Bahola Homeopathy Tonsilo

Tonsilo is an extremely efficacious Homoeopathic medicine for the treatment of both acute, septic and chronic tonsillitis. More often than not, it reduces the tonsilar size and suppuration, thus eliminating the need for unwanted surgery.

The action of its individual constituents is as follows.

1. Baryta Carbonic 6c : Tonsilar enlargement with tendency to catch cold easily, feeling of plug in the pharynx. Prevents suppuration Tonsils.
2. Belladonna 30c : Predominantly , the right tonsil is enlarged. This is associated with great congestion, constriction in the throat and difficult deglutition. Throat feels hot and glazed. Tonsillitis associated with high fever is indicative Belladonna.
3. Mercurius lodatus Ruber 4x:. Predominantly the left Tonsil is enlarged. Fauces are deep red, painful deglutition, with phlegm in nose and throat. There is marked stiffness of throat and neck muscles If given regularly, aborts peritonsillitis.

Side Effects : No side effects of Tonsilo are Known.

Dosage :
In adults: 2 tablets, every 4 hours.
In children: 2 tablets, every 4 hours or as prescribed by the physician.