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Extacy for Men
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Bahola Homeopathy Extacy for Men

Bahola Extacy for Men

Bahola Homeopathy Extacy for Men

Sexual Rejuvenator for Men

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Bahola Homeopathy Extacy for Men

Bahola’s EXTACY is a sexual rejuvenator for men. EXTACY revives impotence, sexual power, cures sexual neurasthenia, debility.

The action of its individual constituents is as follows.
1. Acid. Phos 6: Is indicated for frequent noctrunal emissions, erections with deficient sexual desire.
2. Avena Sativa 2x : relieves sexual debility, spermatorrhoea coming after too much endulgance. Sexual Weakness after exhausting diseases also calls for this remedy.
3. Lycopodium 12 : Impotence with no erectile power, premature ejaculation.
4. Selenium 6 : Loss of sexual power with lascivious dreams, increased desire but decreased ability are indicative of this remedy.

Side effects :
No side effects of EXTACY are know.

Dosage of Bahola Extacy for Men:
2 Tablets thrice daily (or) as prescribed by the physician.