Shuddh Shunthi
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Shuddh Shunthi


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Ayush Shuddh Shunthi :

Ayurveda attributes joint aches to ‘Ama’, the undigested food, which accumulates in the joints and restricts joint movements. Ayurveda recommends Shunthi for joint pains.

Benefits of Ayush Shuddh Shunthi :

Pacifies aggravated Vata
Helps digest accumulated undigested food in the joints and prevents further formation
Promotes digestion and thus treats the root cause of joint pains
Improves one’s appetite

Ingredients of Ayush Shuddh Shunthi :

Each capsule extract derived from 2g of Zingiber officinale, is standardized to ensure consistent levels of quality in every capsule

Features of Ayush Shuddh Shunthi :

Extracted from Shunthi as prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts
100% vegetarian

Usage of Ayush Shuddh Shunthi :

1 capsule a day, to be taken with glass of water after breakfast, or as directed by your physician.