Shuddh Karela
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Ayush Shuddh Karela


Reduce high blood sugar levels


Shuddh Karela


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Ayush Shuddh Karela

Karela has been proven by modern science to help reduce high blood sugar levels. Ayurveda recommends Karela for lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, by balancing aggravated kapha in the body.

Benefits of Ayush Shuddh Karela :

A Prameha Naashak, it is anti-diabetic and hence helps reduce high blood sugar levels and fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes
Tones up the sluggish liver, thus helping regulate sugar metabolism and maintaining blood sugar levels
Purifies the blood and hence helps prevent skin eruptions, rashes and itching
Reduces the risk of long term health complications such as cataract and kidney damage.

Features of Ayush Shuddh Karela :

Each capsule gives you the benefit of eating 30gm of Karela
Masks the bitter taste of Karela while retaining its natural goodness
100% vegetarian.

Ingredients of Ayush Shuddh Karela :

It contains an authentic Ayurvedic extract of Momordica charantia that’s standardised to ensure consistent levels of quality in every capsule.

Usage of Ayush Therapy Shuddh Karela :

1 capsule a day after breakfast or as directed by the physician.