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Shuddh Amla


Natural cell protector


Shuddh Amla


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Ayush Shuddh Amla

Modern science has proven that Amla contains antioxidants like Emblicanin A and B, Punigluconin, etc. and hence it is a natural cell protector. Ayurveda too recommends Amla, honouring it with the status of a Rasayana. Rasayanas promote strength, immunity, youth, longevity, memory, intelligence, and freedom from disorders.

Benefits of Ayush Shuddh Amla :

Prevents cell damage caused by free radicals, which are generated in the human body, in the process of daily wear and tear Fights fatigue, promotes tissue growth, provides immunity against diseases, improves intellect, and increases lifespan Improves the eyes, heart, spleen, and liver health.

Features of Ayush Shuddh Amla :

2 capsules equals to eating one whole Amla (approx. 15g)
Masks the sharp, sour taste of Amla while retaining its natural goodness
100% vegetarian.

Ingredients of Ayush Shuddha Amla :

It contains an authentic Ayurvedic extract of Phyllanthus emblica, standardised to ensure consistent levels of quality in every capsule.

Usage of Ayush Therapy Shuddh Amla : 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by your physician.