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Provides relief in just 30 minutes


Cough Naashak Syrup


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Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup :

As per Ayurveda, cough is known as Kasa and is due to ‘Vata dosha’ which is relieved by Madhura (sweet), Snighdha (unctuous) and Ushna (hot) herbs. Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup containing herbs like Vasa, Tulsi and Mulethi reduces the frequency and intensity of cough.

Benefits of Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup :

Provides relief in just 30 minutes
Relieves the symptoms of cough and thereby reduces its frequency in just 7 days
Clears chest congestion and soothes the throat
Treats coughs caused due to respiratory infections, chronic coughs, pollution, smoking
Attacks cough in 6 powerful ways - as an anti-tussive, bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant, decongestant, and demulcent

Features of Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup :

Has a sweet herbal taste and works promptly, which lets you carry on with your work
Free from alcohol and hence keeps you active throughout the day without making you drowsy
No artificial flavours or colours

Ingredients of Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup :

It contains Gul banafsha, Mulethi, Bhokar, Anjeer, Tulsi, Vasa, Gaozaban, Unab, Jufa, Khubazi, Munakka, Kantakari, Hansraj, Somlata, Jatamansi, Bahera, Khatmi, sugar base.

Usage of Ayush Cough Naashak Syrup :

2 teaspoons, 3 times a day.