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Ulsant Syrup
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Ulsant Syrup
Treatment and Prevention of Hyperacidity
Relieves Burning Sensation & Gastric Pain
Ulsant Syrup Treatment & Prevention of Hyperacidity
Ayurchem Ulsant Syrup - Only Herbal Formulation to Overcome Gastric Ulcer in Diabetics.

170ml : $15.45 x nos
340ml (2 x 170ml) : $21.45 x nos
680ml (4 x 170ml) : $33.95 x nos
1360ml (8 x 170ml) : $57.45 x nos

Ayuchem Ayurvedic Medicine
Ulsant Syrup
Only Herbal Formulation to Overcome Gastric Ulcer in Diabetics
Regulates Acid-Peptic Secretions

Increases mucin-bicarbonate secretions. Possesses cytoprotective activity. Has anti-oxidant property. Regulates Acid-Peptic secretions. Normalises peristalsis - Prevents acid reflux and accumulation. Balance various functions of stomach.


  • Protects gastric mucosa with a soothing layer - relieves burning sensation and gastric pain
  • Checks hyperacidity, beneficially alters acid-mucus balance
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action and supports epithelial tissue regeneration-promotes healing of ulcers
  • Normalises peristalsis-prevents acid reflux and accumulation.


  • The treatment & prevention of hyperacidity, gastric ulcers & duodenal ulcers.

One to two teaspoonful two to three times a day.

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