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Hair Care - Lemon Shampoo
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Ayur Herbals - Lemon Shampoo

Strengthens hair roots, draw excess oil from the hair

Ayur Herbals

Lemon Shampoo

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Ayur Herbals Lemon Shampoo

Hair looks sticky & limp when they are oily. Overactive sebaceous glands secrete lot of ‘oil’, that makes the hair extra oily. If not cleansed properly, on a regular basis - it not only leaves the hair & scalp dirty, it also attracts more dirt & grime to stick to it. In turn, causing hair-fall, dandruff & itchy infections etc. Lemon, being acidic in nature, naturally cuts the oil on hair. It helps to deep cleanse the scalp, so that it is able to breathe thus, reviving the dull / listless hair, back to healthy, lustrous & thick look.
Lemon being a rich source of vitamin C, has the property to draw excess oil from the hair. Besides this, it is an excellent cleanser. It stimulates the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and prevents appearance of dandruff.