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Diamond Facial Kit
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Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit

Diamond Facial Kit

Relaxing & Cooling Facial

Asta Berry

Diamond Facial Kit

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Benefits of Asta Berry Diamond Facial Kit:

A traditional Ayurvedic facial that incorporates the cooling and rejuvenating properties of pure silver to rescue and tame stressed out Astaberry Diamond Kit contains the most active and superior ingredients like Heera Bhasm, Jojoba Oil, Bearberry Extracts and carrot oil to give your skin the everlasting glow & radiance. This facial helps reduce blemishes, fine lines & dark spots. Your skin looks visibly younger & youthful.

Ingredients of Asta bery Diamond Facial Kit:

Diamond Helps fight infections, invigorate metabolism, and rejuvenate blood circulation. Helps with many skin disorders

Carrot(Daucus carota)Oil:Antioxidant, nutrient. Supplies a potent antioxidant vitamin A. Nourishes and regenerates the skin with carotene oils.

Jojoba Oil: Nourishes and hydrates with one of the best absorption rates.

Bearberry(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)Extract:Antioxidant. Lightens pigmentation and fights free radicals.

Contants: Cleanser(120ml), Scrub(65g), Gel (65g),Crème(65g), Pack(65g), Lotion(120ml), Serum(25ml)