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Allen's Homeopathy Livo 10

Allen's Livo-10

Allen's Livo-10

Liver Tonic

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Indication of Allen's Homeopathy Livo-10 :

Organic and functional complaints of liver and gall bladder. Anorexia, nausea, dyspepsia, gastro duodenal catarrh & constipation. Paroxysmal pain in abdomen. Hepatitis - acute, chronic & alcoholic, sluggish liver, fatty liver, jaundice, cirrhosis. Infantile jaundice.

Composition of Allen's Homeopathy Livo-10 :

Aloe soc - Q, Carica papaya - Q Swertia chirata - Q Chelidonium – Q, Chionanthus – Q, Cinchona off – Q, Carduus mar - Q , Andrographis paniculata - Q, Hydrastis can – Q, Natrum sulph 3X, Solanum nig - Q, Podophyllum pel - Q Syrup and Alcohol 6% v/v.

Dosage of Allen's Homeopathy Livo-10 :

Infants:1/4 tsf. thrice a day. Children: 1/2tsf. thrice a day. Adult. tsf. Thrice a day or as directed by the physician.