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Allen Homeopathy Leucorrhal

Allen's Leucorrhal

Allen's Leucorrhal

For Leucorrhoea

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For Leucorrhoea

Indication of Allen's Homeopathy Leucorrhal :

Leucorrhoea - acrid, profuse, excoriating & offensive. Itching in the parts, redness, burning micturition & pain in lower abdomen with great discomfort. Low back pain. Extreme prostration.

Composition of Allen's Homeopathy Leucorrhal :

Alumina 8x, Hydrastis can.3x,Ammonium mur. 3x, Kreosotum 6x, Cinchona off. 3x, Calcarea carb 8x, Bovista 3x, Alcohol 76.5% v/v

Dosage of Allen's Homeopathy Leucorrhal :

10 -15 drops 3 times daily or as directed by the physician.