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Allen Homeopathy Cardia for Cardiac Disorder

Allen's Cardia

Allen's Cardia

For Cardiac Disorder

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Indication of Allen's Homeopathy Cardia :

Symptoms of mild forms of cardiac diseases. Palpitation, arrhythmia & cardiac insufficiency. Effective in functional diseases of heart.

Composition of Allen's Homeopathy Cardia :

Crataegus oxy. 1x, Cactus grand. 3x, Digitalis p. 3x, T. arjuna 1x, Glonoinum 3x, Kalmia lat. 3x, Aurum met. 6x,Anacardium ori. 3x,Strophanthus his. 3x, Spigelia m. 3x, Alcohol 85.5% v/v.

Dosage of Allen's Homeopathy Cardia :

10 -15 drops to be taken 2 times daily or as directed by the physician. N.B: Not recommended for children.