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Arnica Plus & Triofer
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Allen Homeopathy Arnica Plus & Triofer

Arnica Plus & Triofer

Arnica Plus & Triofer

Hair Vitalizer

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Triple Action Hair Vitalizer

Indication of Allen Homeopathy Arnica Plus & Triofer :
Combined action of ArnicaPlus and Triofer arrests excessive falling of hair, prevents premature hair graying, removes dandruff, Vitalizes hair roots, promotes new growth of healthy hair, adds longivity to hair. Triofer cures liver and stomach troubles, corrects constipation & anaemia, supply mineral and tissue salts, thus removes root causes of hair problems.

Dosage of Allen Homeopathy Arnica Plus & Triofer :
Adult: One Triofer tablet with lukewarm water twice daily in empty stomach in the morning and at bedtime.
Massage 30-35 drops of Arnica Plus gently to hair roots after bath and at bedtime.

Composition of Allen's Homeopathy Arnica Plus & Triofer :ArnicaPlus Hair Root Vitalizer:
Arnica mont- Q, Aloe soc-Q, Amloki- Q, Haritaki- Q, Nicotinum- Q, Nyctanthes arb-Q, Resorcin-Q, Jaborandi-Q, Thea chin-Q, Glycerin and Alcohol -12% v/v.
Triofer Tablet: Lycopodium clavatum - 30, Cinchona officinalis -30, Carbo veg - 3x, Ferrum met - 3x, Five phos - 6x.
Presentation : 100 ml+ 50 tabs