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Allen Homeopathy Acitron Systemic Alkaliser

Allen's Acitron

Systemic Alkaliser


Systemic Alkaliser, Blood Purifier

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Allen's Homeopathy Acitron
Systemic Alkaliser, Blood Purifier

Description for Allen's Homeopathy Acitron
Acitron is a unique product that brings quick and significant reduction in impurities of the blood and sign and symptoms of uric acid diathesis.

Indication for Allen's Homeopathy Acitron :

  • Blood purifier: Stops infections and skin diseases.
  • Alkaliser: Prevents and controls symptoms of Uric acid diathesis and urinary troubles.
  • Febrifuge: controls high fever.
  • G.I. Protector: Useful in constipation, anorexia, vomiting, indigestion etc.
  • Eradicates the harmful effects of smoking, alcoholism and other addictions.
  • Febrile states, urinary tract infections, burning micturition, dysuria cystitis, recurrence of calcium stone, chronic recurrent infection.

  • Composition of Allen Homeopathy Acitron :

    Acidum citricum Q, Natrum caust. Q, Boerhaavia diffusa Q, Senna Q, Terminalia chebula Q, Swertia chirata Q, Andrographis pan Q, Azadirachta ind. Q, Ocimum sanct. Q, Rhus tox 6, Syrup & caramel colour q.s. and Alcohol 10% v/v.

    Dosage of Acitron :

    Adults: 1 tsf. thrice daily Children: ½ tsf. Thrice daily