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Siledin Tablets
Psychosomatic & Psychoneurotic conditions
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Alarsin Siledin Tablets

Alarsin Siledin Tablets

100 tabs/Bottle

Alarsin Siledin Tablets

Psychosomatic Disorder

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A Safe Herbal Formulation without drawbacks of modern psychotropic drugs

Benefits and Positive Advantages of using Siledin Tablets :

  • Completely non-toxic and free from side effects such as Gastric upsets, Sexual weakness, Drowsiness.
  • Has liver corrective properties & improves appetite and general health of the patient.
  • Helps concentration & alertness and does not cause drowsiness.
  • Non-habit forming and suitable for prolonged use.
  • Reduces emotional stress on the autonomic nervous system. Reduces emotional tension and gives sense of well-being.
  • Convenient & reliable treatment for non-hospitalized patients & for those who cannot report personally and after discharge from hospital & care of the psychiatrist.
  • Can be given along ECT to minimize the complications & side effects of ECT such as memory disturbances, impotency, sexual neurosis. It also helps to reduce the duration of Electroconvulsive Therapy.
  • Does not suppress critical activity & induces natural sleep. Patient remains fresh & alert, when waking up from sleep.

Indications Siledin Tablets :

Stress, Strain, Mental anxiety, Emotional disturbances, Nervous and psychogenic head-ache, Sleeplessness, Hypocondriasis, Neurosis, Anxiety neurosis, Obsess ional neurosis, Sexual neurosis, Neurotic depression.
Schizophrenia, Hysteria, Epilepsy, Melancholia, Maniac, depressive psychosis.
Safe follow up treatment after discharge from mental hospital.
In children: for convulsions, Hyperkinesis, Mental deficiency, Enuresis.
In Females: Menopausal mental syndrome, puerperal insanity.
In Aged : Mental symptoms of psychosis due to cerebral arterial sclerosis such as: emotional instability, sleeplessness & restlessness, memory failure & disturbances.

Dosages of Alarsin Siledin Tablets:

In severe cases : 3 to 4 tablets thrice a day. When symptoms are controlled then 2 tablets thrice a day.
Children : 1 to 6 tablets in divided dose as per the intensity of symptoms & age.

Each Siledin Tablet contains in mg

  • Sarpagandha - 210.0 Shankhapushpi -70.0
  • Bhangra - 52.0 Brahmi - 35.0
  • Jeevanti - 17.5 Kamboji - 17.5
  • Vachha - 18.0 Excp q.s

Side Effects :

A safe herbal formulation without drawbacks of modern psychotropic drugs. Keep in a Cool & Dry Place