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Neeri Syrup
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Aimil Pharma Neeri Syrup

Aimil Pharma Neeri Syrup

Relief in Benign Prostatic Enlargement

Aimil Pharma Neeri Syrup

For Effective & Safe Management Of Urinary Tract Infections

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Aimil Pharmaceuticals - Neeri Syrup

Safely prevents recurrence of Urinary Tract Infections

NEERI contains herbal extracts that have been scientifically validated all over the world for their safety and effectiveness. These extracts are the enriched sources of several phyto-constituents like arbutin, quinolone derivatives, bioflavonoids, glucosides, tannins and several micronutrients that help tone the functioning of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and prostate gland.

Benefits of Neeri Syrup

  • In NEERI there is no risk of electrolyte imbalance.
  • It prevents from reoccurrence of urinary disorders.
  • It protects the kidney from nephrotoxic agents.
  • Neeri is safe on long term usage.
  • Helps in spontaneous passage of calculi
  • Regulates the crystalloid-colloid imbalance
  • Eradicates the causative organisms causing UTI
  • Provides symptomatic relief by acting as alkalizer, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps maintain the kidney functions
  • Additionally acts as Nephro- protective, Anti-oxidant & Immuno- modulator
  • Neeri provides symptomatic relief in Benign Prostatic Enlargement .

  • Salient Features of Neeri Syrup.

  • Helps in spontaneous passage of calculi, it exhibits marked anti- calcifying activity.
  • Relieves the binding mucin of calculi, thus effective as lithotriptic.
  • Reveals marked improvement in symptoms of Urinary calculi and UTI's like pain, burning micturition & haematuria.
  • Regulates the crystalloid-colloid imbalance, thus prevents recurrence of urinary calculi.
  • Exerts significant anti-infective action in UTI's against the major causative organisms.
  • Effectively and safely prevents recurrence of UTI's in susceptible patients.
  • Helps provide relief in symptoms of prostate enlargement like dribbling urination, interrupted stream of urine.

  • Indications for use of Neeri Syrup

  • Urinary calculi / Stone
  • Recurrent calculi / Stone
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Cystitis (Inflammation of the urinary bladder due to infection)
  • Burning micturition (Burning sensation while passing urine)
  • Prostate enlargement associated symptoms like dribbling urination, interrupted stream of urine.
  • People prone to / susceptible to develop urinary calculi or urinary infections like in hot climate, long term confinement to bed, use of steroids, catheterization etc. or in conditions recommended by the physician.

  • Dosage of Neeri Syrup:

  • Children : 1/2- 1 teaspoonful thrice a day
  • Adults : 2 teaspoonful thrice a day or as direction by the physician.

  • Composition (Each 10ml Neeri Syrup contains):

    A.Powders of
  • Sudh Shilajeet (RTS-l) (Purified Black Bitumen, Prcd.) : 200 mg
  • Swait Parpati (AFI) (Classical Ay. Preparation, Prcd.) : 150 mg
  • Moolishar (L. ash of Raphanus sativus, Prcd.) : 150 mg
  • Sheetal Chini (Piper cubeba, Fr.) : 100 mg
  • Saindha Namak (Sodi Chloridum, Prcd.) : 50 mg
  • Sajjikhar (Classical Ay. Preparation, Prcd.) : 50 mg
  • B. Aqueous extracts derived from :
  • Punernava (Boerhaavia diffus, Rt.) : 500 mg
  • Panchtrin Mool (An equal mix of roots of five medicinal plants, Prcd) : 500 mg
  • Ikshu Mool (Saccharum officinarium, Rt.) : 500 mg
  • Gokshru (Tribulus terrestris, Fr.) : 450 mg
  • Chharilla (Parmelia periata, Wh. Th) : 450 mg
  • Varun (Crataeva nurvala, Bk.) : 400 mg
  • Kulatha (Dolichos biflorus, Sd.) : 400 mg
  • Pashan Bhed (Bergenia ligulata, Rz.) : 100 mg
  • Palashpushp (Bergenia ligulata, Rz.) : 100 mg
  • Lajaloomoo (Butea monosperma, Sd.) : 100 mg
  • Makoi (Mimosa pudica, Sd.) : 100 mg
  • Kakri Bee (Solanum nigrum, Pt) : 100 mg
  • Daruharidra (Cucumis Uttilissimus, Sd.) : 50 mg
  • Sugar base (Berberis Lycium, St) : Q.S