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Regularise the functioning of thyroid glands
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Adven's Homeopathy Trimure Slimming Trimming Drops

Adven Trimure Slimming Trimming Drops

Slimming & Trimming Drops

Adven Biotech Trimure Slimming & Trimming Drops- World Class Natural Homoeopathy

Regularise the functioning of thyroid glands.

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Adven's World Class Specialities - Trimure

Slimming and Trimming Drops.

Benefits of Adven Biotech Trimure Drops :

  • Regulates the metabolism through proper oxidization of the adipose tissues.
  • Helps to regularise the functioning of thyroid glands (dysfunctioning of thyroid gland is the main cause in most of the cases of obesity).
  • Dosage of Adven Trimure Drops :

  • 20 drops of Trimure diluted with half tablespoon (approx. 7.5 ml) of water to be taken 10 minutes before meals thrice daily.