Adven Biotech
Longon Growth Drops
Regulate Proper Digestion
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Adven's Homeopathy Longon Growth Drops

Adven Biotech Longon Growth Drops

Digestive Problems

Adven Biotech Longon Growth Drops - World Class Natural Homoeopathy

Regulate Proper Digestion.

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Adven's World Class Specialities - Longon

Growth Drops.

Benefits of Adven Biotech Longon Drops :

  • Helps in regulating proper digestion & proper assimilation of essential elements in the body which effect a balanced growth in height. (Calcium, Phosphorus & other essential minerals which directly affects physical development of body.)
  • Dosage of Adven Longon Drops :

  • 10 drops with water half an hour before meals, 3-4 times daily or as directed by the physician.