Adven Biotech
Fevecare Drops
Takes Care of the Fever
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Adven's Homeopathy Fevecare-Drops

Adven Fevecare Drops


Adven Biotech Fevecare Drops - World Class Natural Homoeopathy

Takes Care of the Fever

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Adven's World Class Homeopathy Specialities - Fevecare Drops

Takes care of the fever

Benefits of Adven Biotech Fevecare Drops :

  • Fever of any origin like malaria, typhoid, viral or any other infection.
  • Useful in associated complaints like headache, bodyache, loss of appetite and bad taste in mouth.
  • Also helps in general debility & convalescence after fever.
  • Dosage of Adven Fevecare Drops :

  • Adult : 30-40 drops diluted with some water thrice daily.
  • Children : 10-20 drops diluted with some water thrice daily or as directed by the physician.