Adven Biotech
D-Care Ointment
Compelet Skin Care
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Adven's D-Care Ointment

Adven D-Care Ointment

Treats Skin Problems

Adven Biotech D-Care Ointment - World Class Natural Homoeopathy

Compelet Skin Care

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Adven's World Class Homeopathy Specialities - D-Care Ointment

Compelet Skin Care

Benefits of Adven D-Care Ointment :

  • Adven’s D-Care complete cream is one solution to almost all common skin problems.
  • D-Care complete cream is a result oriented external application, suitable for every type of skin.
  • Indications for use of Adven D-Care Ointment :

  • Recurring boils, carbuncles, suppurative wounds, phlebitis, varicose veins, ecchymposis, psoriasis, superficial burns and scalds, erythema, erysipelas
  • Directions for use of Adven D-Care Ointment:

    Apply externally thrice daily to the affected portion or as directed by the physician.