Indian Barbie Dolls

Send Barbie Dolls worldwide. All  these Barbie Dolls are made and available only in India.
Ships within 7 working days in India, 21 days worldwide.


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Barbie Dolls, India
Thrill your girl by giving her a Barbie doll.
Dolls can be sent with gift wrapping and your personalised message.
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Expressions of India
Rajasthani Barbie 

Rajasthani Barbie


Roopvati means "beautiful lady" and is sometimes used as a name in India. This little darling is dressed in the traditional wear of Rajasthan. Rajasthan, a vast timeless land of mysticism and magnificence, is a spectacular mixture of rich culture, ancient traditions, and glorious heritage. Sheer brilliance in color and remarkable vibrancy in design assume characteristic significance in the world of traditional Rajasthani wear. Barbie drapes herself in her Rajasthani finery complete with trinkets, bracelets, bangles, rings and anklets worn by traditional Rajasthani women giving a strikingly divine cosmetic effect unmatched anywhere. Rajasthan, the land, her people and customs exhorts you to celebrate and savour the best from the home of the enigmatic Rajputs, warrior kings and queens. 

Within India
$89.95 Nos
$99.95 Nos

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