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Exclusive Vegetarian Restaurant
Annalakshmi the Divine goddess is an aesthetic visualization of Mother Nature who is all beautiful and all bountiful. It is she who with  infinite love  bestows upon her children the life - giving and life - sustaining elixir called by the simple name 'food'. Indian vegetarian dining is an art in itself. Prepared and served with love as the essential ingredient,while preserving all its authenticity, quality and nutritional value, it can be very varied, tasty and wholesome.
'Athithi Devo Bhava' 'Guest is God' is an ancient Indian saying.
Dear guest, feel at home and give us an oppurtunity to serve you with love, an ideal we cherish, we hope to perfect.
Swagatham, Vanakkam 
A Hearty Welcome to you.
Gift a delicious lunch / dinner at Hotel Annalakshmi.
(Food will not be served on all Mondays as Restaurant is closed)
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